Serving Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania, Warren County, and Western New Jersey Areas

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$6.50 Per Person

Bon Appetit Caterers' Bar Set-Ups

* Orange juice

* Half and half

* Grapefruit

* Pineapple juice

* Coke

* Diet Coke

All mixers including

* Approximately 1 lb. per person

(for chilling in-glass drinks only)


* 7 and 9 ounce disposable clear plastic glassware

  and stirrers for mixed drinks and

10–12 ounce disposable translucent cups for beer

  and soda


Cocktail napkins

Bar set-ups are available as shown. Specialty items can be added at your request. Take a look at our details and options for more information.

Call us today!


* Sliced oranges

* Limes

* Lemons

* Maraschino cherries

* Cocktail onions, etc.

Drink garnishes

With disposable glassware

* 7-Up

* Ginger Ale

* Tonic

* Club Soda

* Egg Nog (during Christmas and

   Easter holidays only)

With regular glassware

(Price to be quoted as needed)

Serving time is not to exceed 5 hours. Additional hours available upon request.

Must be ordered before the day of event. $1.50 per additional hour.

Alcoholic beverages are not provided

Bartender service is not included


Bar-setup juice sodas

* Regular and Spicy V8

*Tomato Juice

* Cranberry Juice