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Bon Appetit Caterers' Golf Outing

Special Menu Service

"The Par” for lunch after your round

Grilled hot dogs and quarter pound hamburgers and  


Macaroni, potato and coleslaw salad

Baked beans, onions, rolls, pickles, sliced hot peppers,    

and condiments

Back-yard picnic buffet

$12.50 (Service charges and sales tax not included)

All menus on this page not to exceed

1-1/2 hours serving time.

We have been in business since 1981. Trust our experienced catering services for your next golf tournament!


12 Oz. NY strip steak

Roasted red potatoes

Corn on the cob

Tossed salad bowl with assorted dressings

Macaroni, potato and coleslaw salads

Baked beans

Watermelon slices

Rolls, butter, and sour cream

“The Eagle” dinner after your round

Kansas city barbeque

BBQ grilled chicken

Grilled hamburgers / cheeseburgers

Hot sausage grilled mixed sausage medallions with peppers and onions with marinara sauce

Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles

Macaroni, potato and coleslaw salads

Baked beans

Rolls and condiments

Italian buffet

Tossed salad bowl with 3 dressings

Italian stuffed shells with sauce and cheese

Italian meatballs

Baked ham or roast turkey on carving board

Rolls, butter, and condiments

“The Birdie” — lunch and dinner after your round

$17.50 (Service charges and sales tax not included)

Steak and potato barbeque

$19.95 (Service charges and sales tax not included)

Golf golf (1)

Or Try

meatballs Corn on a cob steak with baked beans Steak